Part 2: The Current Challenges in the US Healthcare Industry

We got the chance to chat to KBK Communications - a Gold Tiered HubSpot Solutions Partner and ask them a series of questions. 

In the first segment, we covered how KBK came to be and the value of a healthcare focused Digital Marketing Agency.

In this segment, we covered current challenges in the healthcare industry and what they have seen amidst COVID.

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Clip 4.1 Healthcare Challenges KBK & OTB Interview


KBK Communications is a Digital Sales and Marketing Agency in the US specialized in the healthcare industry

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Q: Can you give me some insight on the challenges that healthcare is facing? What have you seen?

Jan: There are quite a few! Where do we start?!
There have been challenges with supplies. Companies have had to source products from overseas (and there have been challenges with that) and there also are shortages in products.

There are a lot of companies that have been (historically) doing a lot of source manufacturing overseas that are now ramping up big time to doing it domestically so that they can get back to having full control.
In terms of being able to source materials, we have also seen people trying to take advantage of the situation and they have been marking up those materials including PPE supplies (Personal Protective Equipment like face masks, face shields).

But we have also seen some amazing things that have transpired from these situations. We have a client that I’m very passionate about and we are currently launching a programme with them. This client is an OEM company (original equipment manufacturer) and they make products for people according to the specs requested. They had local hospitals reach out to them because they were in desperate need of PPE and they switched gears to start making PPE for them.

The president (of the company) was driving this equipment over to the local hospitals. There is story after story like this and it’s because of that mission. You even don't think about it, you just go and do and let the chips fall where they may. So, in that way, it has opened new markets for companies.

Then you have other companies that have nothing to do with healthcare products and have started manufacturing these products. Distributors have done whatever they can to move products from one area of the country to another where there are high incidents of COVID.

There are many stories of people pulling together and people saying I don't care what I’m exposed to going from one part of the country to the next to in warehouses.

It’s very moving to see.

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