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I got the chance to chat to Karl Boehm, Growth & Marketing Strategist, and ask him a series of questions. 
Karl is the CEO of Spiral Marketing Agency & Podcast

In the previous segment, we discussed the importance of mapping our the customer journey. In this segment, Karl discussed how to provide value to your audience through through marketing on social media.

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Q: what Are your tips for content marketing and social media strategy?

The mapping of a Customer Journey is a very important step for Content Marketing because you first need to figure out where the gaps are in your funnel and where the less-efficient parts of the customer journey are. Then you can make content to help push clients through to that phase.

Beyond that, it's also helpful to think about social media in terms of 4 categories:

  1. Brand Monitoring 
    • For example. if you are a software company who wants to try a new logo or a new service, you can ask people on social media to give you feedback. 
    • This will help save you time as you have your own quantitative and qualitative research right there.
  2. Influencing
    • This includes industry news/relevant inspirational content for your audience.
    • Done artfully, it's an opportunity to be influential and to provide thought leadership.
    • This helps provide value for your audience in a way that also builds more social equity.
  3. Networking
    • This is what we intuitively understand but when you go through a strategic exercise, you begin to think about: Who are the influencers in my space? Who should I be networking with? Who should my community be networking with?
    • Then, you have the opportunity to tag that brand, talk about that brand and give other people the opportunity to engage with that brand through your yours.

Then, you have paved the way for the 4th category, Selling.

People often talk about the Golden Ratio in Marketing: provide unselfish, selfless value to your audience in a ratio of 4 : 1 so after the 4th post, you can do a sales post.

It's probably a bit outdated now but it is a helpful checkpoint to ask yourself are you doing at least that? Are you providing at least 4 x the value before you start making asks? Because they you might fall into the category of being more spammy.

Another angle of that is building an affinity with your customer. If you're selling all the time, then you're not build affinity with your customer. You're just trying to get what you want and you're not helping them get what they need.

Q: Lets chat a little more about Networking as this is not something which I have heard an agency owner/marketer discuss before.

Sure! Keith Ferrazzi wrote a book called Never Eat Alone.

He claims that what distinguishes highly successful people from everyone else is the way they use the power of relationships - so that everyone wins.

He starts out by describing how he as a child, raised in a poor family, and was able to get into Harvard and then go onto become the first Chief Marketing Officer at Deloitte.

One of the primary ways that he did it was by talking to people and finding out what they want and how to help them get it without worrying too much about what he wants.

It's very interesting if you think about it in terms of your content because it forces you to ask: What will really help my audience? Not only through through the lens of how can I get them closer to me to buy my service, but rather, how can I just help them.

What do they need emotionally, psychologically, emotionally etc. You can go through the whole Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and see how you can help provide for them.

Not just with content, but with experts that can help them get there. For example, maybe they love a celebrity so much or an author and we can arrange a talk with them and help educate an audience which needs networking and bring them this level of expertise.

They can engage with them and they feel like they are hearing directly from the expert via your channel. Then they will be deriving a value that doesn't just come from "hey, go buy my product".

We can only only ring that bell so often without considering how else to benefit the audience.

Posted by Julia Short on Oct 20, 2020 4:46:30 PM
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