HubSpot 101: Companies, Deals & Tickets


In an effort to explain what HubSpot is and showcase it's full potential, we have partnered with Plus Your Business to provide you with short, in-a-nutshell-type videos & blog content all focused on HubSpot.

Last week, we focused on the basic components of HubSpot: contact records and deal properties.

This is the 3rd video of the series where we do a walk-through of HubSpot's company records, deal records and tickets. 

Want to start at the beginning? Watch the 1st piece of content in this series, The Basic Principals Of The HubSpot CRM.

Watch the explainer video below


HubSpot CRM Training video 3 new


Plus Your Business is a HubSpot partner agency that specializes in onboarding businesses onto the HubSpot Marketing, Sales and Service CRM.

View their Service Packages with On The Bench.

Posted by Julia Short on Oct 21, 2020 3:53:12 PM
Julia Short

Julia Short

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