HubSpot Partners Should Tap Into Vertical Markets

We got the chance to chat to Tom Wengler from OctoUX about how they became a HubSpot Platinum Agency by tapping into vertical markets and about his new tool, MergeSpot.

MergeSopt is a HubSpot Portal Replication Tool. Learn more about MergeSpot here.

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Tom: I have been in the CRM space since 2010 and I became a HubSpot Partner about 2 years ago.

One of the things which is different about us is that we specialize in vertical markets.

Our top vertical market is Economic Development Organisations and we have clients all over Northern America.

Every time we got a new client, we had to manually add in all these custom properties which is over 200 properties. And frankly, I just got tired of doing that. It was boring and took too much time and, if I got distracted, I might have made an error.

So, I thought to that there has got to be a better way! There has got to be a way to copy a HubSpot environment to a development account (hidden sandbox) and use this to push updates to a customer's live production account. So we wrote this programme to do just that. Now, I can save hours of work, cut out the errors and in 5 minutes, I have replicated that HubSpot environment.

I encourage agencies to go vertical.  As opportunities come along, sell what you can to whoever you can if that is your model. But, I think you'll find that your marketing is better, your closing rates are higher when you pick certain vertical markets to go after. 

If HubSpot were to sell direct into one of our vertical markets and I was to come in with a demo behind them, 99% of the time, I'm going to win that deal because I can show the end result and I resonate better with that client compared to others who are all over the map with all these different markets.

If you do decide to specialize in vertical markets, you can create your own IP within that industry and with MergeSpot, you can drop that IP into different HubSpot accounts within 5 minutes. 


Posted by Julia Short on Aug 13, 2020 4:03:12 PM
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