Media Garcia - What makes them competitive in the agency market

We got the chance to chat to Louis Garcia, the co-founder of Media Garcia about how they have differentiated themselves in the agency in the market.

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Media Garcia is a HubSpot Solutions Partner focused on creating growth strategies for small tech/e-commmerce businesses.

If you’re looking for help and assistance with marketing, view their Service Bundles. Or, if you have a more custom request or would like to discuss a longer-term arrangement, send them a brief.

Louis explained a few things which they had done to make Media Garcia competitive in the agency market:

1. Spot a Gap in the Market & Create a Niche

  • I worked in IT and business intelligence for an American retailer, Target, for 11 years. I left that company a few years ago and decided to take all the corporate knowledge around systems and processes & technology and to bring all of that to the small business community.
  • In the small business community, over 50% of businesses which are fewer than 10 employees are not even using a CRM. Usually these are missed out because HubSpot or other agencies don't focus on them.

2. Be Transparent with your offerings & Create Packages

  • A couple of years ago, you would have to reach out, engage and setup call before a quote was sent or a project was started but then we changed to show different packages services on our website.
  • We wanted to come up with clear, consistent pricing and packages on our website for 2 reasons:
    1. We wanted to consistently deliver services that people have a really clear expectation for.
    2. We wanted to be really transparent and show people this is what you can expect to get into when you engage with us
  • It gives our prospects an indication of the types of services we offer and whether they are in the right budget ballpark.

3. Sometimes, you need to do something for free

Our mission statement is to help all small businesses to thrive. If our minimum threshold is that people have to spend thousands of dollars to get the basic expertise, it's not inline with our mission or doesn't help create an inclusive economy
  • In order to do that, we wanted to make it easy for people to start with us so, our HubSpot CRM onboarding service is a free package.
  • It's great that businesses can go and sign-up for free themselves but chances are that if you don't have someone to guide you through the CRM, it wont be accessible.
  • We aim to build that relationship by building trust and demonstrating how we can work and grow together over the long term. 
Posted by Julia Short on Jul 28, 2020 4:26:37 PM
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