MergeSpot - A HubSpot Portal Replication Tool

Building HubSpot for a new client is fun because it’s largely a creative exercise that requires your insight, expertise and knowledge of the HubSpot platform.

If you are a HubSpot Partner, redeploying HubSpot quickly for similar clients is highly profitable (it’s easier to win when you focus on certain industries that you know well) but it can be boring because you’re manually copying over custom properties, workflows, etc. This is low value work that is time consuming.

And if you’ve not considered focusing on vertical markets or creating IP - maybe this will inspire you. Our competitors are doing this today. Industry specialization is an effective strategy.

So, if the idea of copying a customized HubSpot portal to a new HubSpot portal has even crossed your mind… we’ve built a tool - MergeSpot to help you perform this task as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Scenarios where this applies:

  • Franchises, Independent Sales Reps. If you have a customized version of HubSpot and want to re-create this for your channel sales partners. Example: You can give an optimized version of HubSpot to your independent sales channel. Now their team is using HubSpot the way you’ve designed this for your internal team to use and everyone is on the same page.
  • Create a testing environment. You can copy your live environment to a free, development portal so you can safely test changes. Then, push the updates from the Test Portal into the Live Portal.
  • Sell an industry specific version of HubSpot without having to redevelop this manually every time that you land a new client. This allows you to build and replicate your IP.
  • Split 1 HubSpot portal into several new portals.
  • Combine multiple portals into 1 new, Master portal.
  • If you are a business, marketing or sales coach, you can “replicate” your sales model into a client’s HubSpot - this reinforces your model, brand and training.

The Action Steps:

  1. Setup your Development Environment - it’s free. https://developers.hubspot.com/get-started
  2. Create a new account. You can start building your new version of HubSpot here or you can copy the following into the Development Environment, from your current, live/production portal(s) using our tool, MergeSpot.
  • All custom fields
  • Custom Pipelines
  • Regular Forms*
  • Workflows**

3. Consider your development account as your New HubSpot “Source” or “Template” or “Test Account” depending on your use case. … this is where you will copy from.

Notes on Forms

  • If a form contains images or graphics,these forms will not copy into a new HubSpot portal. This is a limitation of the HubSpot API.
  • Pop Up forms will also not copy.
Notes on Workflows…
  • Some workflows may contain “dependencies” that may limit what is copied. Examples: If you have a workflow that is triggered by a visit to a particular website page, this will not copy over because the website page won’t exist in the new portal and it will be unique. These workflows must be rebuilt manually.
  • If a workflow calls for an email template to “fire”, that email template won’t exist in the new portal and will not copy over.

Copy a blog, email, or page template to another HubSpot account

Because your Development Account operates using Enterprise Licenses, you will be able to do this. It’s a wonderful feature.

You can use our product, MergeSpot to perform copy from 1 HubSpot Portal to another. See our service bundle for details.

  • This takes 5 minutes to complete
  • You’ll still need to add the fields to the records 
  • And you’ll want to do a Quick Compare to see what copied over
  • This gets you 90 yards down the field on a new HubSpot implementation or Testing Environment too.

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Click here to get MergeSpot or, if you have a different development request, send us a brief.

Posted by Tom Wengler on Jul 2, 2020 9:24:58 AM
Tom Wengler

Tom Wengler

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