On The Bench Launch a Widget For HubSpot Solution Partners To Sell Straight from their Website

These days digital plays such a big role in the sales process and enables the buyer to engage when they want and access the information they need in their own time. In order to protect their brands and revenue,

Agencies need to shift their websites from just brochureware to a functional tool offering commerce abilities.

We’ve launched a widget giving agencies the ability to advertise and sell pre-packaged services from their website. It is a hosted storefront, so you’ll have the e-commerce infrastructure for your services to be requested or purchased instantaneously.

The widget will be launched in two phases:

  1. The beta version which is now available: a widget placed on your website showcasing your solutions with a redirect to the hosted storefront.
  2. Your own branded storefront on your own website (launching soon in Q4, 2020).

This is what the beta version looks like



The widget comes with a managed offering

Besides getting the value of a hosted storefront, our customer success team will work closely with you on every deal to push it over the line. Other things include the use of chatbots to help you book more scoping calls and guide prospects through the process of purchasing your pre-packaged service

How to get it

a) If you have services bundles with On The Bench
  1. Login to your account and click on the hamburger menu on the right; click “Install widget”
  2. Choose from list of service selection display types
  3. Copy and paste the code snippet onto your website

b) If you are registered with On The Bench, but haven’t created any service bundles OR, if you are not registered with On The Bench

  1. Sign-up as a service provider  or login to your account and click on ‘create a bundle’ on the main navigation
  2. Follow the steps to create your bundle/s
  3. Once the bundles are created, follow the steps a) 1 - 3 above

To find out more, book a demo with me.

 Or, if you need help getting started, email adriana@onthebench.io if you're based in the US or email nikita@onthebench.io for EMEA timezone.

Posted by Graeme Wilson on Jul 21, 2020 12:49:10 PM
Graeme Wilson

Graeme Wilson

Co-founder of On The Bench and ex co-founder of a Diamond HubSpot Agency. He has a strong commercial background and ample go-to-market experience with startups.

Topics: Service Providers, Professional Services, HubSpot Soltuions Partner

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