On The Bench Launches An Initiative to Get HubSpotters to Work Together

We want to move swiftly to support the HubSpot business ecosystem by putting our commercial activity
on hold in the wake of Coronavirus disruption. 

We hope that this will help both HubSpot businesses and HubSpot experts that have been disrupted and displaced by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak to get connected easily and inexpensively to the support services that they need or that they can provide.

So why are we doing this? 

As the coronavirus pandemic takes hold of businesses and the economy, we need to make it easier for HubSpot customers to get access to support at an affordable rate. On The Bench is a easy-to-use platform which provides a marketplace where businesses and professional services providers come together to look for and accept problem-solving solutions, content creation, technology development and expert advice – all at an affordable price that the buyer offers and the experts bid for.

Watch my video below 👇


So how are we doing this? 

  1. For businesses that need help, we've collaborated with a few of our top service providers registered on the platform, to create discounted services - you can check some of these out here.

  2. We're putting our service fee on hold for the foreseeable future to help provider access to much needed project work for former employees and HubSpot freelancers impacted by the business turndown, 

If you want to get involved, reach out to me at graeme@onthebench.io and I'll get in touch with some more information. 

Checkout some of the discounted services here or click on the image below. 

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Posted by Graeme Wilson on Mar 24, 2020 3:39:59 PM
Graeme Wilson

Graeme Wilson

Co-founder of On The Bench and ex co-founder of a Diamond HubSpot Agency. He has a strong commercial background and ample go-to-market experience with startups.

Topics: Software Companies, Professional Services, Gig Economy

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