Our mission is to help HubSpot Solution Partners stay on top

Lately, we’re talking a lot about our drive to getting professional services companies to sell their packages directly from their own websites. Our entrance into contactless selling is being deployed in 2 phases:
  1. Our managed e-commerce widget - Launched in July
  2. Our full e-commerce storefront on the professional services website - Coming in Q3, 2020

More to come soon!

But more important is our WHY and a reiteration of our Mission- (I have been asked this by many of my agency friends).

Under the On The Bench Brand, we want to help HubSpot Solution Partners remain relevant where the landscape has undoubtedly changed because:

  • The market has Morphed into a more digital friendly environment and more businesses are selling online
    • By 2021, online sales will reach $4.5 trillion
    • Online shopping now enjoys greater customer trust
    • Online shopping processes have significantly improved


  • Disruption in SaaS with tech creeping closer to the professional services offering.
    • The average small to medium-sized business uses +-70 SaaS tools and how does that impact professional services?
  • Services offering is changing to more of a packaged solution instead of open ended retainers.
    • We’re in an era where the buyer is in control

However the relationship between professional services companies and tech are key for both to be successful: 

  • Agencies are the moat around tech
  • Agencies offer services that tech cant
  • Agencies can generate new revenue from commission, new leads outside of their influence and can create new offerings
We are about to have a ton of fun and continue to work hard to have the back of agencies. 

So get in touch, I would love to show you how our widget works and discuss how it could work for your business.

widget demo

Posted by Graeme Wilson on Aug 12, 2020 2:09:47 PM
Graeme Wilson

Graeme Wilson

Co-founder of On The Bench and ex co-founder of a Diamond HubSpot Agency. He has a strong commercial background and ample go-to-market experience with startups.

Topics: Service Providers, Professional Services

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