Streamline Your E-Commerce Business With HubSpot Integration

Often businesses fall into the trap of using multiple platforms to manage their e-commerce. Managing shipping on one platform, order processing and customer service on others can create unnecessary complications not just for your team, but also for customers. With HubSpot’s e-commerce integration service, you can streamline your e-commerce by having it all under one roof.

HubSpot is a one-stop solution for all your professional e-commerce needs from managing and tracking orders to creating tickets to customer service.

HubSpot’s workflow automation, email and landing page templates make e-commerce and customer retention easier and more efficient for you, no matter what stage of the CRM cycle you’re at. The data and analytics reports from this integration allow you to make better, more informed decisions to help grow your business.

Follow these simple steps to optimize your e-commerce experience:

1. Choose the right plugin: Integration with HubSpot is easy - just choose the right plugin to begin integrating your current shipping/order processing platform (e.g. Groove, Shopify)

If you are using Magento, use the Eyemagine plugin, if Shopify use the Unific plugin, if Woocommerce, use the Webetter plugin, to be led through the integration process.

2. Merge your data: After beginning the integration process, HubSpot’s integration plugin will help you merge orders into deal pipelines, shop customers into contacts and products onto HubSpot. This smooth flow of data will allow you to track your orders and create workflows based on them, all without leaving HubSpot.

HubSpot Integration - Merge your data

3. Link up automated workflows: Creating workflow sequences on HubSpot allows you to automate the entire process from sending welcome emails when a user creates an account, to order confirmations and user shipping trackers.

Linking all your email templates into workflows means that your order tracking will be up to date and update automatically when orders are confirmed, shipped or cancelled and your customer will receive emails about their order (e.g. welcome emails when a customer creates an account, order confirmation emails etc.)

To do this, you can use HubSpot’s out of the box workflows and emails or customize your own:

HubSpot Integration - Link up automated workflows

4. Sync your communication. Along with setting up workflows, you need to select the assets that accompany each action (e.g. welcome emails, order confirmation emails, cart abandoned notifications, etc.) so the customer receives emails and notifications regarding their order immediately after they take an action. HubSpot has pre-set email templates that you can use for all your communication needs, as well as the ability to customize any of them or create your own templates. This prompt communication allows you to be transparent and improve your communication with your

HubSpot Integration - Choose a HubSpot email template

5. Use data to retarget customers. Integrating your whole order pipeline with HubSpot means you can use customer data from any point on the pipeline, in conjunction with HubSpot’s powerful analytical tools to hone your targeted marketing.

HubSpot allows you to send targeted emails to customers who have abandoned their carts — an important feature when 50% of customers who abandon carts will purchase if reminded.

It also allows you to target contacts with product advertisements and deals based on their past purchases across multiple channels - email, social media etc. HubSpot enables you to grow your revenue by systematically retargeting your customers.

6. Integrate customer support
With the HubSpot Sales Hub extension you can integrate your email inbox with HubSpot to manage all your customer support from one point.

HubSpot Sales Hub allows you to create tickets for customer queries and assign them to team members. They are automated and update immediately as certain actions are triggered or completed (e.g. a ticket is created when a customer query comes in and is closed when they are replied to). This is a highly customisable process allowing you to create, change, and automate tickets for any action or process that your team needs.

This prevents bottlenecks and keeps your team on track, and makes your workflows smooth. Improved, faster customer service by automation means higher customer satisfaction and in turn higher customer retention for your business.

HubSpot Integration - Integrate customer support

7. Tracking and using data
Using HubSpot’s Marketing Analytics tools you can track the complete customer life-cycle, discover trends over time and identify the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with a sophisticated multi-touch revenue attribution that ties revenue credit to each of your efforts.

You can analyse how each page, marketing strategy, and traffic source is performing, and filter the data by region, channel, or time period to identify what works best. HubSpot’s detailed, straightforward reports allow you to finetune each component and stage of your marketing strategy and make the best, data driven decisions to grow your revenue and business.

HubSpot Integration - Track & report on customer data

By following these steps and taking advantage of HubSpot’s API support and around the clock customer care, you can automate and optimize your entire CRM cycle. With HubSpot e-commerce integration receiving, shipping, confirming orders, communicating with customers, and analyzing your marketing strategies can all be done from one place. Streamlining the e-commerce experience has never been easier with HubSpot’s integration’s efficient and simple process.

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Posted by Kaustubh Deshmukh on Jul 6, 2020 2:13:02 PM
Kaustubh Deshmukh

Kaustubh Deshmukh

Kaustubh is the Founder of Prodigitas - a HubSpot Solutions Partner with extensive experience in Design, HubSpot and WordPress Development & Digital Marketing.
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