Part 4: The Challenges of Women In Leadership

We got the chance to chat to KBK Communications - a Gold Tiered HubSpot Solutions Partner and ask them a series of questions. 

In the last segment, we covered The "Marketing Unicorn": a one-person marketing dept versus hiring an agency.

In this segment, we chatted about the challenges Jan, CEO and Eryn, Client Service Director, have faced as women in leadership positions and the lessons they have learnt.

Watch the recording here

Jan on women in leadership


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Q: As women in high ranking positions, have you experienced some difficulty in getting clients and business partners to take you seriously?

Jan: Yes definitely. Eryn and I are actually both members of Professional Women in Healthcare. I was on the board for 10 years and Eryn is currently on the board and leads the mentoring committee.

Professional Women in Healthcare came about as a place to empower women to lead and succeed in an industry that would be equally lead by women and men. It is still not there!

And, to answer your question, yes of course there have been many times where we're in a situations with men where being taken seriously can be a challenge.

For me, it's always been important for younger women to help empower them as much as possible.

My goal is to make certain that for any woman, the sky is the limit on what you can do! Don't let anything slow you down even though there are obstacles.

When I was in school, I did research on the history of women in business and it made me really thankful for what women went through back then to give us the rights that we have today.

My own mother worked for the Foreign Service and went overseas and during her time, she was a trail blazer.

So in having the same attitude, I don't care if someone is disrespectful or isn't interested - that's a speed bump to me and I'll roll-over it. If that particular individual doesn't have respect or isn't interested, I move along and God will bring someone else into my path who will be much for appropriate.

As a woman, you are going to encounter those challenges but it's how you handle it and work through it that makes the difference. 

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