Part 3: The Marketing Unicorn

We got the chance to chat to KBK Communications - a Gold Tiered HubSpot Solutions Partner and ask them a series of questions. 

In the last segment, we covered The Current Challenges In The US Healthcare Industry

In this segment, we chatted about the analogy of the Marketing Unicorn.

Watch the recording here

Clip 3.1 Marketing Unicorn KBK & OTB Interview


KBK Communications is a Digital Sales and Marketing Agency in the US specialized in the healthcare industry

If you’re looking for help and assistance with medical marketing, view their Digital Communication Bundle for Healthcare Companies or view their services. Or, if you have a more custom request or would like to discuss a longer-term arrangement, send them a brief.

Q: The last time we chatted you spoke about something you called a Marketing Unicorn. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

Eryn: What we see on our Industry (and I'm sure in other industries too) is the expectation that a Marketing Manager or Marketing Director has to wear so many different hats and they need to have all these expertise. It makes me ask the question "but does that exist?"

That's where the unicorn analogy comes in. How does someone have:

  • Expertise and experience in the healthcare industry to start. That alone takes lots of years of experience to understand?
  • Digital experience (social expertise and a website development background)?
  • The understanding of distribution and the supply chain model. If you're a manufacturer working with distributors, who are working with end-users, do you know how that all functions?
  • Experience with co-op programmes and partnerships within the Industry?
  • Traditional marketing mediums like advertising, print mailers and email marketing?
  • Experience with product marketing: bringing a product to the market and having them launch successfully in the market - that's a whole department!

When you look at a job description within our industry, the requirement is all of those things under one person's role.

How can you have expertise in all of those different areas?

That's where we really see the value of bringing in an agency because we are able to pull in all the different areas of expertise and be an extension of your team and be one partner to work with.

Jan: When someone comes in, something is going to be lacking because you're only one person. I know there are only 24 useful hours in everyday (I tease my team about that all the time). We aren't working 24 hours but you want you business to work 24 hours for you. 

That's what we say "did you have any sales people working last night at 11.30 PM? Because this is what activity was going on last night and here are the leads which came in."

A lot of the time, we're actually more cost effective than a full time equivalent and yet every single expertise that needed is there.

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