Understanding Sales & Marketing with Mike Lieberman

I got the chance to chat to Mike Lieberman, CEO of Square 2 Marketing and ask him a series of questions.

Square 2 was HubSpot’s first Diamond Partner and is one of the leading HubSpot agencies.

In this segment, Mike gave me his insight into Sales and Marketing.

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Q: Firstly, tell Me a little bit about yourself and your background

Prior to Square 2, I was a traditional Marketing Manager; VP of Marketing in a variety of companies of the years, I think what was interesting about my career is that I have always had a very sales-centric marketing position.

I always aligned myself closely with the sales people so I could understand what their issues were so that they could close the leads that I was generating for them.

We started Square 2 about 17 years ago as a way to help small and medium size businesses who were, even at the time, struggling to figure it out.

If you think back, Facebook wasn't even a company yet so we leaned very heavily on email marketing to try to get them some leads.  Over the years, Marketing and Sales have just gotten infinitely more complex in terms of technology, data, the tactics that can be used and the way people buy!

Everything has just accelerated from a complexity perspective, making it very difficult for people who don't do this frequently or don't do this for as many different companies as we do to figure it out.

Even if you're a Marketing Manager at a company, you only have your company to use as data points and you don't have experiences at other businesses, you don't have access to benchmarks or performance measurements. You're kind of just figuring it out and that makes the learning curve that much longer,

Q: You Mentioned That You Were always close to sales And I want to know what you think the Advantages are for marketing to be close to sales.

My experience has been that a lot of Marketers have a marketing-perspective on the world. Meaning that their whole existence is about generating leads.

And leads are great, But they are one measurement of success but ultimately they are not the measurement of success that ends up driving growth for the business. That is obviously revenue.

Marketers are historically detached after the lead is generated and handed off to Sales, In my experience in working with Sales (again I wasn't a salesperson but I was a closely connected resource for a lot of sales teams), I would basically follow the lead. I would be like "Who got this lead? Let me ask them what happened with the lead? Oh! It was a bad lead." 

That is something Marketers often hear from Sales, "Those are bad leads; we don't like those leads; those leads are not ready to close today."

I learnt pretty quickly that you couldn't just pass leads to Sales and consider your job done. You had to make sure that those leads were turning into sales opportunities and then generating revenue.

It also taught me that Sales needs help and that a lot of them weren't great at taking that marketing-generated lead and turning it into a customer.

So, I worked really closely with the sales team when they would say that they lost the deal. I wanted to know why.

Pretty quickly I found a lot of holes in a lot of those situations. For instance, there were companies that were delivering legal contracts to non-legal people. This would stall the deal dramatically.

This is important when you're looking at the Sales Cycle as a measurement of success too. If you're not a legal person and get handed a legal contract, the first thing you would do is take it to the legal department. It could be weeks until they review the contract! If they could just delivered a more simpler version of that contract, perhaps the business person could have understood it, signed off on it and we could have been well into delivery.

Then, when I looked at their presentations, they were 90% about the company and 5% about the prospect. I said, "They know all about you already! Let's make this deck all about them: what we're going to do for them, how we're going help them and how they are going to grow."

At the end you can say, "Look if you want to learn more about us, visit our website."

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