Why You Should Start Working with Professional Service Firms Virtually

The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak is fast becoming a global health crisis, with events around the world being either postponed or cancelled.

But this article is not about the coronavirus.

Rather, we’re going to consider its impact on how businesses operate. Specifically, we’ll look at how in-person communication has shifted: for events, travelling to meet clients, or remote working policies.

With events like Google I/O, Adobe Summit, Facebook F8 developer conference all been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. The key message is that staff, stakeholder, and customer health and safety comes first. And with this we’re seeing a shift in how businesses operate. 

In an article written by Larry Dignan, he says:

“One thing is certain: The coronavirus is likely to mean the definition of business, as usual, will change” 

The increase in video conferencing and virtual collaboration combined with decreased travel is promoting remote working policies. 

So — Is Dialling in Via Video The Future and Is That Future Right Now?

Markets are taking a knock; but on the positive side, companies like Zoom are seeing an upward swing.

zoom share

A recent post by,  Fred Wilson from AVC, goes as far as saying:

Maybe attending a meeting in person is a thing of the past and videoing in is our future.” 

Based on our experiences and conversations with clients around the world, we’ve also seen how company policies are changing how their staff travel to see clients, prospects or suppliers and events they’re attending. 

So with technological advances and video conferencing software like Zoom, Go To Meetings, Slack and Skype, companies can still reach customers and stakeholders around the world without everyone having to be in the exact same location. 

The same can be said with the remote working business model. You don’t have to be in the same location to connect and work with others. The movement towards the remote working model has been propelled forward for both in-house staff and contracted experts. 

With Digital Advancements, It's Business As Usual

Even when there’s a global health crisis that limits international travel, businesses need to continue as usual. Targets still need to be met. You can’t just halt operations and hope that it’ll all work out. You need to identify and embrace the right tech that can make it work for you. And the need for professional service will continue, just in a different way. With tech software, you’re still able to engage with and service your customers.

So you see, the status quo is changing. Even with the challenges of reduced travel and health & safety concerns, in the digital age, it’s possible to adapt and become flexible. 

This is where digital advancements can assist, empowering professional service companies to still work with their customers — virtually. Platforms like On The Bench connects you with business software and accredited providers to help you with executional, consulting or training services related to the software you use. You can start browsing professional service providers and pre-packaged services here and get started with them immediately and remotely.


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Posted by Graeme Wilson on Mar 5, 2020 12:44:54 PM
Graeme Wilson

Graeme Wilson

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